Welcome to Solitary Shape Media.

After spending a decade of my life in the music industry investing countless hours songwriting, surviving national tours and working behind the scenes in booking, branding and marketing, I have learned to become a jack of many trades. Now I am applying many of my creative skills to my freelance work in design, branding, photography, videography, print and more. I am currently in the midst of writing a new chapter of my life creating my own personal brand as an artist. With the release of my website followed by an online store, I am always pushing myself creatively to manifest thought provoking pieces ranging from poetry, photography, short films or wherever my mind decides to take me. Creative freedom is what I have always sought after and now I can definitively say I possess that.

I have always let my passions guide me and haven’t had any regrets in doing so.

Let my wide range of experience guide your project from concept to completion.



Website Creation & Design from Corporate to Creative 95%
Repackaging Your Business from Logo to Tagline to Print 96%
From Pre-Production to Post-Production 98%
Abstract & Creative to Corporate Headshots 94%
Musical Compositions to Convey Mood & Enhance Your Project 95%

My works.

It was very difficult to choose the work to be displayed here as I have worked on a wide variety of projects through the years. My works will be continually updated as projects conclude.

I am fully capable of taking your business or project to the next level whether it be web, photography, video, print or logo design always with brand awareness and identity in mind. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your project and goals.

IAMUNLIKEYOU features various video trailers (58 as of this writing) and art piece reveals for my personal artwork. All video, sound, editing and narration was all written, recorded and executed solely by myself. Always dark and mood inducing, these visuals are conceived for unrelenting impact. The video above shows my video sculpture Parting Martyrs in Myxoma which has since been exhibited in galleries and continues to garner attention. This piece is meant to be viewed as a relic or momento. I wanted to answer the question of what it would look like in the  modern day if we continued to create tombs and beautiful relics like the ancient Egyptians did for their fallen. This was the result.

Welcome to the Dojo is an online video interview series centered around the cast of The Karate Kid franchise. I shot and edited the intro to the show and continue to fully edit the episodes. This continues to be a very interesting project as I was posed with the challenge as to how to make these Skype styled interviews more interesting and entertaining visually. I created namebars, transitions, animated pop ups during the show and created visual memorability for reoccurring segments like Word Association.All of these visuals were designed with brand identity in mind to create an experience exclusive to the show and connectivity with its audience. Although very time consuming, I really enjoy the challenge with each new episode.

The City of Bellevue wanted to commemorate the Open Air Markets & Concert Series with a video, so instead of a point and shoot documentation I thought a clip package would be very effective. Sometimes video says so much more about an event than merely photography. I shot, edited and licensed music for this project that I hope captured this event in a pure and genuine way. 

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